Welcome to a new era in Eberron.

The magical sigil tattoo’s of the dragonmarked have only manifested themselves in the lineage of the dragonmarked families for thousands of years. These families have grown to become dynasties unto themselves marking them as barons of industry and commerce. Throughout the ages there have only been a relatively small number of recorded aberrant dragonmarked, individuals who are not part of the dragonmarked families yet were gifted with the magical sigil tattoo.

That has begun to change. Numerous individuals have become branded with dragonmarks all across the continent of Khorvaire with no apparent correlation as to why. One thing is certain. Because the dragonmarks are so intrinsically connected to all magic in the world, it signifies that the nature of magic is changing. In what way and for what reason no one yet knows. But the dragonmarked dynasties will do whatever it takes to find out. For fear that all they have worked for will crumble to ash, or to embrace or exploit and recruit these new dragonmarked individuals and bring them into the fold.

For those new dragonmarked individuals there is one guarantee. Their lives will be irrevocably changed forever.

Surge of the Dragonmarked

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