Surge of the Dragonmarked

Trouble On The Homefront
A Handful Of Issues

h2. Wrapping Up The Previous Adventure:
In the final battle of the last adventure every party member attacked the Fire Cult Leader at nearly the same time and his death caused his body to spasm and his blood to boil until he exploded in a spray of blood and a wave of fire leaving only charred remains behind. Because of the nature of his death every party member is certain they landed the final, killing blow. But there is no way of knowing for certain.

A cache of gold and precious gems were discovered that was hidden by the Fire Cult which can be used to furnish and upgrade the new Keep. Please list any upgrades the party might have in mind for the Keep, both furnishings and architectural upgrades, and I will let you know what can be handled with the funds and resources of the city. Go ahead and aim high for your requests, though I may have to scale them back a bit or alter them to fit what is possible in the campaign.

The gold also allows the party to hire some personnel to take care of the Keep while the party is off adventuring. The best candidates the party has had partition for the jobs are:
Butler: Garvyn Dwylt – Male Dwarf retired former Cleric
Cook: Bruna Tarn – Female Dwarf – Cook
Maid: Amber Vidian – Female Human – Hand Maiden
Grounds Keeper & Stable Master: Carrick Millfield – Male Human – Former Watchguard
Gardener: Nelly Barkbrand – Female Halfling – Gardener and Herbalist

In addition, I know that the party will not spend coin on their Keep and hire a staff without spending money on your own gear. Every party member can make a request of a magical item that their character would be looking for either in the extensive shops in the merchant district of the city or word on the street of where such an item might be found. Again, go ahead and aim high for your requests, I may allow their purchase from the cache of gold made outright in the city, I may have to scale them back a bit, or, I may make the item a quest item for which the party has paid for rumors of such a magic items possible location and it will have to be retrieved.

The party was also visited by several groups. After which the party received a letter in regard to those groups who have approached the Keep. Letter from Lunicus Olrovian Pallaguire

Welcome to the campaign!
My blog, my campaign, my way

Wondering what the heck this is all about?

Well, several friends and I have been playing various rpg’s for years. Most notably we’ve found ourselves playing Savage Worlds more often than not. However, Savage Worlds does not have an official fantasy setting. There are several fantasy settings made by third party developers but none of them were what I was looking for to build adventures around. So I started making up my own.

My first setting had all but a few characters non-human and in the faerie realm. In my variation of the faerie realm there were factions of the Seelie and Unseelie court that were all at war with each other. As each faction defeated another all the remaining members of that faction became eliminated from the faerie realm. This worked well at first and everyone was having a good time until the story became focused on the faction battles and not on the heroic actions of the player characters. That needed to change. The group dropped the storyline completely. Several of the characters were kept for use in the next setting.

The group took a break and tried other settings and other game masters. Eventually I was ready to game master again and I decided to incorporate all the fantasy options from all the settings I liked. Including: Skyrim, Dragon Age, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, and others.

After a short time I realized I had bitten of a bit more than I could chew. So in the interest of time I decided I needed to choose one of these settings and run with it. I chose Eberron because it had the traditional fantasy feel but included a steampunk feel with its sky’s ships and lightening rails.

So that is the short version of how I ended up game mastering an rpg using the Savage Worlds rules, the Eberron setting and the Pathfinder pawns.

We will see how far this campaign will take us.


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