Letter from Lunicus Olrovian Pallaguire

8th Aug, Year of the Griffin 1215

Well Met,

Let me welcome you to our grand city, Wroat, the Capital of Breland. Having said that, let me tell you that I do not normally contact citizens in our fair city so soon after they have arrived. In point of fact, I would wager that I have still not personally contacted the vast majority of the citizens in our city. Your party has become a special case and a very notable exception to the rule. I must say, you have made yourselves very well known very quickly. I must ask of your party your decisions on the following events of which I have been made aware. Your answers will be taken into consideration during the assessments and assignments for the resources of Wroat over which I, and a short list of fellow colleagues, preside.

On the matter of the Cult of the Crimson Flame:
The Captain of the South-West District City Guard, Arlin DeLemoux, sent a retinue of City Guards under the guidance of Lyrina Stron to inform your party that they have done the City a great service when they killed Karthan Thume, the Diabolist Leader of the Cult of the Crimson Flame. The Diabolist was a favored of the Arch Devil Boltharmion, ruler of Pyriferies, the Hell Plane Layer of Fire and Ash. As you can imagine, Karthan Thume was believed to be untouchable. When your party killed him it has caused his followers in Wroat to scatter and leave the city. However, Lyrina further explained, his death has also created a power vacuum in the city that will cause numerous other Cults to try and rise up to fill that void and establish a foothold in the city. Lyrina further informed the party that they are on call, if needed, to assist in dealing with any new cults should they become an issue beyond the City Guards ability to deal with on their own. She reminded the party this is part and parcel of your parties’ duty as citizens of the city.
What is the parties’ intent on dealing with this matter?

On the matter of the Unseen Cowl:
A representative of the Thieves Guild, calling himself Smyth, returned a small item taken from each of your party members personal effects without your knowledge and let the group know that the Thieves Guild, known as the Unseen Cowl, needed a representative of the party to accompany him to the audience of The Unseen Cowl. The invitation extended was in order to discuss the death of Corra Parn, the gadget thief your party killed in your new keep, as well as the closing off of the passage in the sewers.
What is the parties’ intent on dealing with this matter?

On the matter of the Ice Maiden:
A small band of Snow Elves from the frigged North-Eastern land visited your Keep to learn the fate of Yiala Slivermorn, also known as the Ice Maiden. As I understand it she was in the bowels of your keep and instigated the confrontation with the Diabolist already mentioned. The band of Snow Elves was led by Olrini Shalidrin, the Ice Wizard, and included Viala Slivermorn, the twin sister of Yiala. They retrieved her remains and froze them for the journey back north to their homeland. They implored the party to come to their city at the turn of the new year in the center of winter to attend her funeral. They requested the party to speak as witness’ of her unbridled bravery as she faced her end.
What is the parties’ intent on dealing with this matter?

Do not ask how I have become aware of these things as it is a big city with endless ways for information to be passed along. Furthermore, as you can see I am not asking what you will do. I will find that out most assuredly once you take action. I am seeking your position and intent to weigh them against the endless sea of city matters that also needs to be attended. Resources are vast but not in-exhaustive. Besides, preemptive action is always key. I expect to hear from your party soon.

With grave sincerity,

Lunicus Olrovian Pallaguire
Lord Chancellor
Wroat Chancery Chambers,
Wroat High Council Proper

Letter from Lunicus Olrovian Pallaguire

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